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For successful and effective work Forex Ltd offers:

A Wide Range of Financial Instruments

The opportunity to conduct trading operations with 21 pairs of the most liquid currencies, US dollar index (USDX), euro index (EURX) and with the contracts for difference (CFD) on shares of 32 leading US companies and 3 exchange traded funds.

Real-Time Quotes

There is no such concept as an "indicative" price in our Company. Our Clients receive only real market prices working with us and can confidently conduct operations using this data. In fact, the charts representing rates' fluctuations of various financial instruments are the documents containing fixed prices Clients will deal with.

Single Trading Server

All demo and real accounts are maintained by a single server. Such a policy brings about absolutely identical service quality of order processing and execution practices, regardless of account type.

Instant Execution

We offer order execution technology that enables to execute your trading decisions immediately without any preliminary market price inquiries, using the most competitive exchange rates and in the shortest time frame.

Minimal Spread

The difference between Bid and Ask prices is fixed and constitutes 3 points on the main currency pairs in the Company.


Open positions' transition through midnight is carried out by way of credit or deduction of funds according to the SWAP-points table without a compulsory requirement to close the current position and subsequently open a new one.

Everyday Market Analysis

The Company publishes market news and our expertsí analytical information containing all the essential information for traders (quotations, macroeconomic indicators, reviews, share indices, breaking news, etc.) 24 hours a day.


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