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Forex Ltd focuses on providing access to trading operations with a wide range of financial assets via Internet.

The Company is at the industry forefront in terms of service quality with extensive market experience and effective qualified specialist expertise as well as competencies for responding all customer requests with utmost speed and proficiency combined with constant implementation of innovating technologies.


Trading platform provided by Forex Ltd MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd is a secure, technologically advanced and functionally comprehensive software, featured by speed and accuracy, high level of reliability and security, easy and customizable interface, combining charting and live streaming quotes as well as various tools for technical analysis. MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd fits both novices and experienced traders as it is easy and joyful to use.

We offer premium online trading experience as our trading procedure is designed to minimize and eliminate the number of concerns, worries and misunderstandings about the trading process so that traders can save their valuable time and focus on implementing their strategy and analyzing results.


The maximally convenient and unambiguous working conditions offered by Forex Ltd, will lead almost any trader whether a specialist or a newbie to success. We offer fixed spreads, no commission for Forex currency pairs and low commission for CFDs. To get more detailed information feel free to have a closer look at our trading terms.


If you would like to test the acceptability and compliance of Company services, evaluate conditions for conducting trading operations at Forex Ltd, and draw conclusions as to your personal capabilities on the financial markets, please go ahead and open a free demo account.


Forex Ltd is proud to offer you the updated Forex training course based on a flexible and easy-to-follow trading system which is the simplest and the most comprehensive way to your profitability in the currency market.

The complete list of documents required for opening an account and carrying out trading operations is available for all the customers registered in our Client Service System. Should you have any questions related to the variety of services, trading terms, operation of the trading terminal feel free to visit our FAQ page or send a message via online contact form.


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