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In order to become a Forex Ltd internet-partner, it is enough for you to place a banner, advertising services offered by our Company, on your website that will allow you to receive commission from attracting clients.

The scheme of internet-partner work is as follows:

  • Prospective partner should pass the registration procedure. After that they receive confirmation of registration to the email indicated during registration with a unique partner identifier and access to the partner's account;
  • The partner adds the received partner identifier to the html-code of a chosen banner and places a banner on their website;
  • When a visitor of the partner's website clicks the banner, a unique identifier of the partner is written down to the cookies file of Internet-browser assigning the visitor to the partner. A unique partner's identifier is stored in the browser of the visitor and during opening of a real account with Forex Ltd it will be used for Client's identification as referred by the internet-partner;
  • A partner receives commission to their partner account according to the trading volume of the referred Client.

The Internet-partner can recruit unlimited number of Clients carrying out the control over the commission received at their partner's account. The visitor of the Company's website who passes from the partner's site will be identified as a Client referred by the partner regardless of time of real account opening, whether it is opened straight after a passing or much later. A unique identifier of the partner will be kept in the visitor's browser for unlimited time.

Internet partner programme allows becoming a partner of the Company referring Clients with minimum efforts and without investments getting profits from trading operations carried out by the referred Clients.

To become Forex Ltd Internet-partner you should register on our site, fill in the partnership application form with your personal details, address, description of your website and contact information. If internet-partner status is confirmed, you will receive a partner identifier.


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