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The daily chart of the pair represents a marking version of {d}-segment of NeoWave Reverse Alternation Triangle with basic cycle of weekly market data optimization period.

The previous week delivered weakness in dynamics of [b]-wave in Contracting Non-limiting Triangle, which is quite natural for a corrective wave and meets expectations that [b]-wave will not be shorter than [a]-wave in time with an amplitude not shorter than 61,8% retracement of [a]-wave.

In planning trading operations we need to take into account that formation of a Triangle is commonly accompanied by relatively atypical market behavior, when rules of logic for standard situations and conditions may be neglected. As a result, for such cases sharp shift in market movement direction may take place with probable review of the patterns in accordance with the charts of a shorter optimization period. Therefore, planning trades during formation of a Triangle is often featured by a certain degree of risk unless the Triangle comes to its termination.


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