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On the daily chart of the pair a version of marking of the alternative waves "{d} or {iv}" with basic cycle of optimization of market data in one week is presented.

As mentioned in the previous weekly review, according to counts, the previous week should be treated as the final week for (C)-wave by ratio of time length (C)=(A)+(B). Therefore, starting from the up-coming week it is logical to expect (C)-wave termination by time indicators. Nevertheless, weekly data optimization chart does not deliver signs of close termination of (C)-wave as it is peculiar to patterns of a higher degree, such as Diametric. In this case, there are risks of sharp shift in market movement after termination of any segment of this pattern.

The development of (C)-wave for a daily data optimization chart is clearer, however, as long as (d)-(f) line holds, it is too early to speak about completion or close termination of (C)-wave. Another sign that the wave is already completed should be a strong break of (f)-wave termination.

Summarizing the abovementioned facts, for the upcoming week we can assume at least essential deceleration of bearish trend, however, rate movement in a contracting range is more probable. (C)-wave should terminate this week.


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