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Forex training course “Turn-key Trading Strategy” is divided into 5 main chapters.


In this chapter I will make you acquainted with those charts that we will use during trading. Considering that you will not find these charts in the internet, you should study to make them yourself. That is the work we will do during the first stage of the education. Surely you should work hard but as soon as you understand the specifics and principles of their building it will take you only a few a minutes. The point is that a considerable part of price information directly taken from the market is not objective that would reflect the real situation of the currency within the current moment. In many cases the prices represent the traders’ emotions that are very dangerous because emotions pass very quickly producing an army of bankrupts. We will discuss how to make this information maximally objective, it is very important to find and eliminate such emotions from the charts. As an example I suggest you to have a look at the chart shown in the figure below. This is the final working chart of EUR/USD currency pair that reflects the period of price movement from March 14, 2007 till April 13, 2007.

There are no additional lines or indicators here. The trader can find all the necessary information on this chart such as direction of the market, signal for opening a position, price at which it is necessary to open it, price of Stop Loss in case of wrong signal (that is also possible), following the plan for the opened position.

Solely for information purposes, I would like to note that within the period mentioned on this chart using my own trading system with this currency pair I earned a profit of 788 points while the market rose only by 486 points. Taking into account the rules of capital’s management where it is foresaw the system of enlarging or reducing of the amount of trading lots depending on the changes of capital’s amount on the account the profit for this month made 53%.


In this chapter we will learn how to find out quickly not only trend’s direction on certain signals but also how to mark its possible changes. There is an ideal example of change of trend’s direction in the figure below.

For simplicity of visual expression the chart is divided into four sectors. In the first stage the market shows the descending direction of the trend. The second one demonstrates the sideways movement of the trend with a low amplitude of prices. In the third sector the sideways movement continues but with a high amplitude of prices. And finally the fourth sector shows a steady ascending movement of the market.


This is one of the most important chapters of the course. Red and blue dots (they can be marked by any other color) that you have seen on the pictures represent the sole indicator that “makes” the whole trading or in other words that is the base for the whole system. In this chapter I will reveal the secret how to find such an indicator.


Do you know such expressions as “I think that the market is ready to move down”, “to my mind it is time to buy” or, what is more dangerous, “I feel…”, “my experience suggests me…”. The person who trades according to such expressions will sooner or later become bankrupt. Somebody may not agree with me and I will not dispute about this I just wish him good speed. In this chapter we will learn the rules that you will use while trading. They are not very numerous but they are thoroughgoing and they really tell you in a certain market situation. We will not “feel” or “foresee” the market that is much worse we will see the facts and trade.


If anybody offers you a trading system that does not foresee temporal losses you may thank him or her and leave immediately. There are no such systems. I will not keep back but specially show you the examples when “difficult periods come”. I name them “market’s whims” or system survival test . There are too many “stray” ambitious traders from time to time “visiting” the market who begin to buy and sell at random hoping for quick success. These traders should be removed from the market not to interfere with work of professionals. The system that can “bear” difficult moments is considered as practical and stable. The decisive role in this process plays thought-out rules of capital’s management. We will dedicate enough time in this chapter to gain full understanding of this question.

In conclusion I would like to add that in this short review of training course I have mentioned only the most important aspects. However, it does not mean that I am not going to pool my experience in the field of trading psychology with you that is very essential because you will not only gain money but also loose it. You should know for sure that it is not very pleasant to loose money even if it is a small sum. In this situation a strong desire to return such negative profit appearsas soon as possible. The trader that cannot resist such a wish will leave the market very soon having lost his money. We will also consider the problem concerning the discipline. It will not be lecture on how to obey superiors. The point is that when you start making money you will get the confidence that you “feel” the market and may break the rules and open one or two more positions. You can trust me that money can disappear very quickly and you will not understand how it happened. That is why such actions are not recommended. And if you have desire we will have the opportunity to trade together on the real market using demo-accounts. Some practice will always do you good.

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