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The market is always in motion. Market dynamics and the logic of its movement are always changing. There is no more smooth progressive movement. Now, all the movement on the market is marked by sharp bounds, rebounds and run-ups. That is why a logical question emerges: what is the reason of such changes on the currency market.

The following reasons may be mentioned here. First of all, the number of small speculators has considerably increased, therefore their total capital becomes to be capable to influence on currency pairs movement. Before, the main operators on Forex market were large financial groups and they had controlled all kinds of financial movements on the market. But now, the total capital of small investors can also influence on the market and it makes all the fluctuations more chaotic and unpredictable.

On the other hand, the increase in quantity of market participants can considerably improve market liquidity and that is a very positive factor. As for other factors, it is necessary to mention that now all the information concerning economic and political situation is available to anybody. Before, this kind of information was available only to authority representatives.

There are many other factors that influence directly on market but there is no need to particularize them. It is better to look how we are going to use such kind of market whims for our mercantile purposes ó to increase market profitability and to improve system safety without complicating trading process itself.


The theory which all the system is based on proves its creditworthiness more and more. The meaning of this theory is that we do not try to predict market direction in the future, instead of this we try to consider particular situation using the trading signals shown by the system. And now this approach becomes more and more popular. This system has good results and can bring profits insuring the trading capital of a dealer during long periods of quiet. However, summer period 2009 has shown that, despite its reliability, this trading system needs to be ameliorated.


So, the first stage of such changes is already finished. The system has been tested many times. As it was noted before, bullish and bearish periods become shorter and they often substitute each other, that is why the following changes were introduced:

  • Rules of positions closing have been revised in order to obtain the fixed profit.
  • Trade rules for additional positions have been simplified.
  • Risky signals, which had proved to be reliable, have now been rejected.

According to the author, after all these changes, the system has become stronger, safer and its profitability has even grown.

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