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Something about myself. My name is Valeriy Korniyenko, which does not talk about anything special. That is why first of all I will answer your silent question: what a clever man is he and why does he think he can teach us?

Approximately 12 years ago I casually got to Australia. I will not tell you the reason why I found myself in such a remote and exotic place. To be brief I had a business there and was to stay in this country for two months. In the end my “short” visit lasted 10 years. You should not think that I had any problems with law or something like that. Australia is the country of vast possibilities having almost the ideal conditions for any person that wants to achieve something, learn and do something. In general this is a free country with equal opportunities and strong state power that does not interfere but helps and protects people if they carry on legal business and pay taxes. That is why I stayed there too long.

It was Australia where I found a new business for myself that is the trade on the exchange or exchange speculation to be more precise. While reading various kinds of literature and talking to exchange dealers and brokers as well as visiting different seminars on this theme I became more convinced in the fact that the speculation on the exchange is not a roulette or gambling but a systematic and logical business that can be carried out by any person with any level of basic education.

Scientific achievements in this area are considerably higher. There are a lot of different “instruments” that help study the price’s movement on security market and determine their much possible development in a short-term future. The most famous practical way of studying of the market is called the method of technical analysis. Exactly this method attracted my interest most of all. Why? Because in this case the number of participants in my business is reduced to the minimum: me and the market. I am completely free from any agents, gossip, news I am independent from natural cataclysms and different political surprises. Moreover, according to price movement on that or those markets I can forecast some of these events.

There is a great choice of literature on this topic. In some of them you can find quite a high-value material concerning the studying of traditional instruments of market’s technical analysis. There are a lot of instruments that are described in many editions. The research intension forges ahead even in this area. This is really a wonderful field for forging. You can trust me that there are a lot of things to analyze. To say that the exchange market is enormous means to say nothing. The virtual transaction on electronic exchange market constitutes dozens of millions of US dollars per a day. There are different trading instruments on the market like crops, metals, energy, indices, futures, banking interests, currency futures and currency pairs. And specialists should analyze all these instruments. There is also the profession of market’s analyst. No doubt, this is a very important sphere in studying the specifics of price movement but only scientifically. In practice it is not enough only to have the analysis. Moreover A very rigorous analysis of the market may only interfere with carrying out successful trading. Almost always analyzing the market on traditional indicators I faced a problem that various indicators showed different possible direction of the price in a short-term future.

It remained only to spin a coin to choose the more reliable indicator. I hope that ten years of market trader experience give me the right to confirm that the forecast and analysis of the market do approximately one tenth of things that an energetic market speculator can do.

However, before coming to such a conclusion I had to spend some time because I started to trade like many other beginning “financial magnates”: mobile phone in the pocket, smart appearance, calls to the broker almost every half an hour about the market wheat prices or to find out the level of banking interest, look through the news and make an order to the broker about opening the position. Approximately in an hour or two my broker informed me that my position had been closed on stop order and I met another loss (I was clever enough to place stop order while opening one or another position). Soon I lost all my money and had to choose whether to deposit the account or stop trading. Fortunately I chose the second variant.. Believe me because I thoroughly knew and know all main instruments of technical analysis of the market, I knew how to use them, which means that I could and can now define theoretically the function of each instrument as well as the direction of market’s movement in a particular situation. So why was I loosing money when I could foresee the movement of the market in a short-term future with an accuracy of up to 80%? Why could I not trade successfully using such a forecast? Ironically for successful trading it is necessary to know not only the direction of market’s movement in a short-term future but also to have the ability to react efficiently to market’s situation at present. The only instrument of this ability is a trading system or if you want a trading plan, clear and accurate rules that allow undertaking particular actions having current market information.

You should know for sure that from a number of people who set to work as an exchange speculator only few achieve success in trading and get a stable profit. Why? Because one part of such people and the other part use certain trading systems. It is possible that some of you will treat my conclusions skeptically and I do not insist on their full approval I just show you the conclusions from my own experience and you should decide whether to trust me or not.

Up to date I actively trade not only with currency pairs but some of futures and indices. Before I successfully traded with banking interest rates but now this market is not so active and I refused from it. I am trading using my own trading system that completely excludes the subjective seeing of the market, very simple in usage and free from traditional indicators. I am a very busy man, I have a family and work so I do not have a chance to sit for hours in front of the display. It takes maximum 10 minutes a day to make a decision and place an order on each currency pair. As I am trading with six pairs I spend approximately an hour and a half on futures and indices.

And last, you are certainly interested in the result of my trading. I will not leave the truth in the dark that year 2003 was the most fruitful providing 1700% of profit. The most unprofitable was the year 2006 that brought 70% of profits. To plan or promise the amount of profit means to knowingly lie. The sole thing that I can promise you is safe, stable and long-term business.

I want to hope that I have managed to convince you that I am not a man of the street and I am not the next Andrew Carlssin suggesting to turn everybody into genius of exchange trading. I just want to propose you my own experience and knowledge in this sphere as I did many times in Australia and Denmark. I am still keeping terms with some of my listeners that successfully use my trading strategy in practice as well as help to those who do not completely understand various market situations and do not want to make a mistake. The mistakes in this business cost very expensive and that is why it is better to take extra consultation and I am ready to help.

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Valeriy Korniyenko

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