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Below you will find our step-by-step instruction on opening a demo account. Before opening a demo account you should have MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd installed to your computer. For step-by-step installation instruction, please go to our Installation and Login page.

Usually the demo account window pops up automatically at the first start of the platform after its installation. However, if you have already installed MetaTrader 4 or would like to open another demo account you should:

1. Start MetaTrader 4 then click "File" "Open an Account". A form to open a demo account will show up.

2. Enter your information to all appropriate fields. Please note that you should check "I agree to subscribe to your newsletters" to continue registration.

3. After clicking "Next" you will see the window with trading server scanning process. If the connection between your computer and Forex Ltd trading server is good, scanning will take a moment.

Should connection with the server fail, please let us know by submitting an online form and we will gladly assist you.

4. Click "Next" to proceed to registration window. The duration of registration depends on your connection speed and usually takes several seconds. Upon completion you will see your demo account details. Click "Finish" to login to your new demo account.

After registration you will receive a welcome email with demo account details to MetaTrader 4 mailbox. Please copy and save this information for further use in case you uninstall the platform or try to login from another trading terminal.


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