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Funds withdrawal from a trading account is made according to the scheme chosen during opening of a real account in the Client-Service System. The system makes the process of funds withdrawal easy and simple and ensures secure transfer of Your banking and other financial information to the Company.


Depending on the way the funds were credited to Your account one of the following means of funds withdrawal may be available:


To withdraw funds from Your trading account You should follow these simple steps:
  1. Sign-in to Client-Service using Your personal ID and Password;
  2. Click "Withdraw funds" in the main menu of the system;
  3. Choose the account from which you would like to withdraw funds opened positions in the account;
  4. Depending on the initially chosen means of funds depositions enter Your account information;

    • Enter Your full banking information, or
    • Enter Your WebMoney purse number.


Our Company guarantees current assets pay-off to any real account holder in case they meet the following conditions:
  • The requirements for minimal withdrawal amount and the initial deposit amount (depending on the type of account) should be observed;
  • There should be no opened positions on the account (inactivated pending orders are allowed).

You will be able to resume trading after withdrawing funds from Your account which would be showed in the history of conducted operations on the MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd trading terminal. We strongly recommend not to enter into trading operations before funds are withdrawn from Your account.

Important! The Company does not carry out withdrawals to third parties' accounts. The funds are deposited, withdrawn or transferred only during regular office hours on weekdays. The information on the minimal allowed amount of funds withdrawal, deposition and transfer is indicated in the Client Agreement for each account type separately.


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