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All holders of 100k accounts are offered exclusive CFD products Ц exchange traded funds (ETF). The exchange traded fund replicates the rate of the underlying stock market index.

ETFs have positioned to be flexible multi-purpose assets as they are featured by liquidity, diversification and cost efficiency. Find out more benefits of ETFs.

Our commission for CFDs on exchange traded funds is 0.05% and they are subject to rollover which is charged or credited according to the Rollover Interest Table but is not subject to dividend adjustments unlike CFDs on shares.

Symbol Company 1 lot's volume Spread
#DIA DIAMONDS 100 shares 0,01-0,05
#SPY SPDRs 100 shares 0,01-0,05
#QQQ Nasdaq-100 Index Tracking Stock 100 shares 0,01-0,05

Important: spread on CFDs on exchange traded funds is subject to change in the range specified and depends on the market conditions.

Those traders who have no experience in CFDs on ETFs trading are recommended to open a free practice account in order to gain trading skills, develop and test their trading strategies.


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