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On January 13, 2006 a new financial instrument Euro Currency Index (symbols ECX, EURX or E) was introduced at NYBOT (New York Board of Trade). Main calculating principles of EURX are similar to principles applied to calculating of US Dollar Index.

After the implementation of Euro Currency Index the participants of Forex market got a common «standard» of current price of the Single European Currency as well as a new financial toll for carrying out trade deals curious in terms of financial analysis.

The current value of Euro Index is a mean value of rate fluctuation of five world currencies (USD, GBP, JPY, CHF and SEK) regarding Euro.


EURX calculation according to five currencies’ basket is not accident – it coincides with the information used by the ECB (European Central Bank) during calculation of trade and weighted euro index regarding the currencies of the countries forming the main foreign trade turnover of Eropean Union countries. The greatest part of foreign trade of EU members falls to USA (31.55%), after which come Great Britain (30.56%), Switzerland (11.13%), Japan (11.13%), and Sweden (7.85%).

EURXt=34.38805726 x (USDt)–0,3155 x (GBPt)0, 3056 x (JPYt)– 0.1891 x (CHFt) 0.1113 x (SEKt) 0.0785


It is necessary to mention that during analysis of current situation European Central Bank is guided just by Euro Index, but not by current euro spot-rates in relation to other world currencies. To carry out maximally exact examination of the situation at the foreign exchange market many leading experts recommend to analyze Euro Index movement and take into account the results of such an analysis while composing trading plans.

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