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All clients are welcomed to open trading accounts in US Dollars, Euros or British Pounds. As United States Dollar is considered to be the main international currency, it is the default deposit currency of any new trading account. However you can change the deposit currency to Euro or Pounds Sterling at any time prior to funding your trading account.

Why change deposit currency?

Trading account in British Pounds fits those traders who prefer trading in EUR/GBP currency pair as well as in other currency pairs where Pound serves for the counter currency, which facilitates calculation of cost of a pip. At the same time, choosing Euro as the deposit currency facilitates estimating margin.

How to change deposit currency?

In order to open a new trading account in EUR or GBP, it is necessary to send a request about change of deposit currency to one of the available upon completion of the new trading account opening procedure. Please indicate your trading account number in the request, required deposit currency (EUR or GBP), as well as the amount of the initial deposit.

After opening an account the Client receives all statements in the chosen currency. Besides, all further orders for funds deposition into and withdrawal from this account will be sent via interior mailing service of the Client-Service system.


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