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Installation of MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd platform is quick and easy. There is no need in any additional software or service. No registration is required during installation of the platform. It takes only a few seconds to install MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd on your computer.


1. To install MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd to your computer, please download the latest version of the platform for free, then double click the downloaded setup file (mt4setup.exe) and follow the installation guide.

2. Please choose your language in the first window of installation process and click Next button. Currently MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd supports 23 languages for all components of the platform.

3. Please read and agree with the copyright rules of the platform by clicking Next button.

4. At the next step you should read the "End user license agreement" carefully and agree with it by marking the checkbox. To proceed to the next step, please click Next button again.

5. This installation window shows you the default folder, where MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd platform will be installed. You can choose another folder for installation by entering it manually or by clicking Browse button and choosing the necessary folder.

If you would like to have more than one copy of MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd on your computer, please install each program to a separate folder.

6. Here, you can select the program group and change the name on the program. Click Next button to proceed.

7. The next window will inform you about the status of installation process. Press Next button to start actual installation of MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd to your computer.

8. In the end of the installation of the terminal you will get a confirmation of a successful completion of the process. Click Finish button to confirm. If you mark the checkbox "Launch MetaTrader 4" the terminal will be launched a window will open. demo account window will open.

Install the program on your computer, open a demo account and try it for yourself!


In case you already have a real trading account, please choose "File" -> "Login" and enter your account details in the authorization window to login to your account. When login is successful your account number will be displayed in the top left corner of the platform and the connection status will show green bars.

Upon installation of MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd on your computer, we recommend to familiarize yourself with the trading terminalís User guide included in the supply package of the program. When starting the program, choose "Help" -> "Help topics" in the main menu or press the F1 key.


If you are using the original version of MetaTrader 4 by MetaQuotes Software Corp., please choose "Tools"   -> "Options" or use Ctrl+O combination to call out Options window. You can enter the Company's server name/IP in the Server line of the Server tab of the window.

IP-address of the MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd trading server used by the Company is


+44 20 8133 87 01
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