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The process of opening of a real account with Forex Ltd is quick and easy. You just need to decide, which form of application to choose.


For convenience of our Clients, we have introduced an innovative service of online account application and management the Client-Service System. The system ensures secure (SSL-certified) and simple conduction of all non-trading operations including submission of application form for account opening, funds deposition, transfer and withdrawal, internal messaging and checking of accounts balance and operations history.

If you have firmly decided to apply for an account online, just follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Register in the Client-Service System;
  2. Sign in and open an account;
  3. Send the necessary identification documents;
  4. Fund your trading account.

With online application, there is no need to print, fill, sign and fax an application form. Fast and secure application procedure.

apply online

The funds are credited to your trading account as soon as the money is transferred into the Company's account. To start trading you just need to download MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd, install it to your PC and enter your real account Login and Password provided during account opening.

If you have any questions or experience any difficulties during opening of a real account, please contact us and a member of our qualified and friendly staff will help you to go through the account opening process and answer all of your questions.


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