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The most up-to-date software and cutting-edge technologies allow Forex Ltd to provide fast, secure and efficient order processing. Our advanced dealing system ensures that all orders are executed strictly at the price requested by the Client on condition of its availability in the market.

For clear and accurate order processing we offer:
  • Fixed spread - spread doesn’t change during both market-moving news and important economic events;
  • Instant Execution – a technology of executing trading orders immediately without any preliminary market price inquiries;
  • Realtime market prices – the prices shown in the trading platform are those currently available for the positions opening and they are in no way indicative or informative.


All trading operations are carried out by the Client independently with sole usage of MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd trading platform. All market and pending orders of the Client are stored on the trading server and can be managed and tracked from the Client's trading terminal.

For more information on order placement and order types, please visit our Orders page of the website.


The only order not stored on the server is Trailing Stop, which remains active till its cancellation by the user, closing of the trading terminal or activation of the Stop Loss order for which it was originally developed.

Trailing stop is rather a function, and not an order, that modifies a Stop Loss depending on the price movement. This order is set at certain distance from the current market price. In case when the price moves into the profitable direction the Stop Loss order will automatically follow it. However, if the price goes in the undesired direction, the stop Loss Order remains unchanged. Trailing Stop allows cutting losses and running profits. This tool is useful in case when the price moves intensively in the same direction or when a trader is not able to constantly watch the market.


To decrease the number of requotes and provide effective market entry during fast moving market hours MetaTrader 4 Forex Ltd allows to set a price deviation range during position opening. The price deviation range allows Clients to automatically approve requotes within a chosen price range.

Please see MetaTrader Userguide for more information about this feature.

Should you have any questions regarding order processing, please feel free to contact us. In case your question is related to your trading account, please use internal mailing system of the Client-Service.


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